Wheat / SST 056

Western Cape / Winter rainfall region

SST 056

Medium to short growth period Cape cultivar with high yield potential for Western Cape.


• Moderately susceptible to stem and leaf rust, and moderately resistant to stripe rust.

• Good grain quality and fits in well with Sensako cultivars currently available.

• Excellent pre-harvest sprouting tolerance.

• Cultivar is subject to a licence agreement.

• This well-known Sensako cultivar has been commercially available since 2011.

• A medium to short growth period cultivar with good shattering resistance.

• Days to heading under normal conditions is +- 6 days later than SST 015.

• Early maturing, widely adapted cultivar with high yield potential.

• Well adapted for drier areas where newest planter technology is used in conservation tillage systems and short growth period cultivars generally perform better.

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