Soybean / SSS 6560tuc

Summer rainfall region

SSS 6560tuc

SSS 6560 tuc - Excellent yielding potential variety.  Well adapted for the warmer irrigation areas. 

  1. Bushy variety of medium to long cycle, Maturity group (MG) 6. 
  2. SSS 6560 tuc has an indeterminate growth type with a balanced plant structure, reaching a height of 80-100 cm. 
  3. Excellent pod height. High capacity to produce lateral branches, with good lodging resistance. 
  4. Very high yielding potential in the warmer irrigation areas and good yielding potential in the moderate and cooler regions. 
  5. Large pods with large seeds.
  6. Suitable for both the dryland and warmer irrigated environments. Good shattering resistance. 
  7. Acceptable oil and protein contents.  

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Roundup Ready
MG 6-7
Pod height
SB yield potential